Help and Support (FAQ)


Please click the “Signup” button at the top right corner of the Uredsea Homepage to proceed your registration as Uredsea user.

Visitor needs to register your Uredsea account by "E-mail*"

Step 1: Please select the account type: "Student" or "Tutor"

Step 2: Please fill in your username

Step 3: Please fill in your E-mail address

Step 4: Please enter and confirm your user password (password setting must be alphanumeric with minimum eight (8) characters)

Step 5: Please read carefully on Uredsea Terms and Privacy Policy (Signup to agree on Uredsea Terms and Privacy Policy)

Step 6: Please click "Signup" to get the "Account Verification Letter" through your registered Email address.Please proceed with the Account Verification through your registered email to protect your account security and enjoy more complete services in Uredsea!


1. The user's email will be bound after verification, and the user will not be able to change the bound email. Users must carefully choose the email to register and/or verify.

2. Uredsea does not provide the service of merging/joint accounts, and not providing the service of transferring the courses and materials purchased in your account. The courses purchased by each account are for personal use only

3. As "Uredsea Account Verification Letter" is being sent through the system, some mailboxes could block the email sent by the system, kindly set the email sent by the platform as a secure mail account. If you have not received the "Uredsea Account Verification Letter", we suggest you can check it in your junk mailbox first; if your email address is incorrectly filled (format, symbol, uppercase and lowercase), it will also cause "Uredsea Account Verification Letter" cannot be delivered successfully, please check your email again.

Free Course

Uredsea’s free courses will be open to all registered users "Tutor or Student" with Verified Email and Completed Personal Information Section. Visitors need to register a Uredsea account, complete the Email verification and filling up the Personal Information Section under the "Account settings" page to enjoy the free courses in the "Free Courses" section.

What Users Could Do

  • Visitors / Students or Tutor Account Users (Unverified Emails): can view the webpage only
  • Students or Tutor Account Users (Verified Email + Completed Personal Information Section): Able to purchase courses and watch free courses
  • Tutor Account Users (Completed 90% Account Setting): Able to publish courses
  • Students or Tutor Account Users (Complete 100% Account Setting): Receives Uredsea Membership and enjoy members special privilege

Student Account Setting Progress (100%)

1. Complete Email Verification: 20%

2. Complete Personal Information Section: 50%

3. Complete Additional information Section: 10%

4. Upload Student’s Profile Photos: 10%

5. Successfully Purchase a Course: 10%

Tutor Account Setting Progress (100%)

1. Complete Email Verification: 20%

2. Complete Personal Information Section: 50%

3. Complete Required Information Section: 5%

4. Complete Additional information Section: 5%

5. Upload Tutor’s Profile Photos: 10%

6. Successfully Purchase or Publish a Course: 10%


Uredsea members will enjoy various benefits. To obtain Uredsea full membership, users need to (1) complete account settings and personal information in their "Profile" and (2) purchase at least one online course.

Special offers for Uredsea members are as follows:

1. Member Special: Members have privileges to free access to course preview clip.

2. Birthday Special: Birthday gift or surprise from Uredsea

3. Special offers: Members enjoy specific seasonal promotions

4. Special discount: Members have a special 10% discount on Uredsea courses!

How to Purchase a Course

Step 1 (Signup): Please sign up as a Uredsea "Student" user and verify your account through your registered email address

Step 2 (Select): Please select the course you want to study

Step 3 (add): Click on the course and select "Add to Cart"

Step 4 (Coupon Code): If you have a coupon code, please enter the coupon code under the "Cart"

Step 5 (Purchase): Click "Check out" to enter the “payment processing page”

Step 6 (Payment): Choose your payment method

Step 7 (Learning): After successful payment, you can start to study the course you purchased

Check If the Purchase and Payment are Successful

After the payment is successful, please check your registered email address. You will receive a "Uredsea Course Purchase Successful" Invoice to inform you that the payment and course purchase have been completed. Be sure to store the relevant invoice for future verification.

Start to Learn

After purchasing the course, we will unlock the purchased course, you can use your computer, smartphone and tablet devices to watch the course video. Most smartphones can meet the requirements for viewing course videos. If your phone is not functional in watching the course, please choose another device to watch the course videos.

Is it Possible to Download the Course Videos

For the benefit of Tutors and Students, Uredsea temporarily does not provide any course downloads.

Cannot Watch the Course Video

Please try the following methods:

  • Check whether the network status of the current place is good or not, you can try to switch to another place with better network.
  • Check the current number of common users or programs operating under the same network, to avoid overloading network traffic which could possibly affect your network.
  • Kindly lower the "Video Resolution" to watch the course video
  • Clear browser cache and cookies, modify website loading or format settings, etc.
  • It is recommended to use the Google Chrome web browser to watch the course video

Course Refund

In order to protect the rights of both the Student and the Tutor, if the course purchased does not meet user’s expectation, user who is eligible for a refund should send an email to on the same date (same purchasing day) to request for a course refund. Uredsea will proceed with the relevant refund procedure if user is eligible for a refund.

Step (1) Eligibility for refund: Users can apply for a refund to Uredsea within the same date of purchase of the course (the same day) if they have not watched more than one (1) session of the course (excluding the preview session).

Step (2) How to apply for a refund: After confirming that you are eligible for a refund, please fill in the following information and submit a refund request to Uredsea at

(1) Kindly fill in the email subject: Refund Request-User's Full Name

(2) Fill-in the email content as following:

  • Uredsea account registered email:
  • Username (full name):
  • Course name for refund:
  • Course Purchased Date:
  • Payment methods for course purchased:
  • Refund bank account information (bank name/bank account number):
  • Purchased Course reference number (Ref.No) :
  • Briefly explain the reason for the refund:

Step (3) Refund:
After confirming the refund information, Uredsea will immediately lock down the corresponding course and execute the relevant refund within 30 days, and refund/remit the refund amount to the designated bank account / payment account. The actual refund amount will deduct the relevant refund processing fees and may be differed with the actual payment of course purchased. Please check with your bank or financial institution for the actual date of refund.

How to Become a Uredsea Tutor

Step 1: Please register as a Uredsea "Tutor" user and verify your account through your registered E-mail

Step 2: Complete the tutor account settings and personal information in "Profile" section

Remark 1: Fill in "About Me", "My Area of Expertise", and "My Sharing" in "Profile" to introduce yourself to the students. This will help students learn more about you and have more confidence and interest in the courses you published.

Remark 2: Before the course is successfully published, the tutor's information (including tutor's photo, profile, personal information, etc.) will not be publicly displayed on the main page of the Uredsea platform.

How to Create and Publish Course

Step 1: Please complete the tutor account settings and personal information in "Profile" section.

Step 2: On the "For Tutor" page, click "Start your course now" and enter the "Teach on Uredsea" page.

Step 3: Click "Kick Off" to understand what you need to know before creating a course.

Step 4: Click "Create Course" to fill in your course outline and structure, and Click "Submit" button

Step 5: The Uredsea team will reply your "Course Proposal" via your registered E-mail address within 7-14 days.

Step 6: If your "Course Proposal" has been initially approved, please start to prepare and shoot your course trailer and course video.

Step 7: After completing your course trailer and video, please upload your course according to the course video upload guide (steps and methods) sent to you by the Uredsea team.

Step 8: After successfully uploading your course, Uredsea team will send you course feedback and advice notifications within 14 working days through your registered email.

Step 9: The Tutor can track the progress of the course video proposal through the “Track Progress” button on Tutor’s profile page (under the Tutor’s image editing section).

Step 10: Congratulations, you have obtained the final approval, please click the button of "Publish Course" on the "Track Progress" page to confirm the publish of your course.

Step 11: Uredsea will notify you the publishing date of your course via your registered email address.


1: When filling in the information of your course outline and structure, the contents must be consistent with the course trailer, course video and course resources that Tutor will submit later. If the submitted course proposal does not match the course trailer and videos, it will be rejected as "Incomplete Course Proposal".

2: The "Course Price" in the course outline and structure submitted by the Tutor is only a "Proposal". The final course price will be discussed and determined by the tutor and the Uredsea team.

3: Your course should be appropriately edit/cut into different "chapters", and each "chapter" should divide into several "sessions". The recommended duration of each "session" is minimum three (3) minutes to fifteen (15) minutes at the longest. This is to give students a clearer, more focused and better learning experience.

4: Each Tutor can only submit one course at one time. The second course can only be created after the first course is approved. Tutor should carefully plan the course to be submitted and published.

Tutor's Profit-Sharing

Step 1: Tutor must complete the registration of the "Tutor" account and verify your account through your registered Email

Step 2: Go to "Teach on Uredsea" page and click "Kick Off"

Step 3: The page four (4) in "Kick Off" will show the "Profit Sharing Chart"

Click the "Forgot Password" button on the "Account Login" page, enter your registered e-mail address, and click "Reset Password", the system will automatically send a "Uredsea Reset Password" link to your registered email address. The password reset link in the mail will expire after 10 minutes. Please do not press the "Forgot Password" button repeatedly to avoid the system sending links continuously. For security reasons, we will set the previous set of "Uredsea reset password" links to be invalid. If you have not received the "Uredsea reset password", it is recommended that you can check it in your junk mail box first; it may also be that your email is entered incorrectly, or you have not used the particular email to sign up for Uredsea account.

Users kindly find your queries in the Help and Support. If you still cannot solve the related problem, please send an email to The Uredsea Support team will reply you as soon as possible not later than three working days (Not operate during Weekend and Public Holidays). Friendly reminder users to check your junk mail folder to avoid missing the reply from Uredsea.